Información sobre el próximo Campeonato de Europa de disc golf

Acabamos de recibir el siguiente correo de la organización del próximo Campeonato de Europa de disc golf:

An important official announcement of the joint 2020 European Disc Golf Championship organizers

Dear players, followers and fans of the 2020 EDGC,
The Coronavirus pandemic hit us hard just like every country in Europe and in the whole world. Our government already took necessary measures to slow down the spread of this disease but only time will tell if they are working. Nobody knows what the situation will be like in a month, in two months or in August when our tournament is supposed to be held.

There are numerous prognosis stating that everything should be back to normal in July/August, so at the moment we expect to have the event in August just like it was planned. However, we also hope that we will have more information in May so in case everything goes wrong and the pandemic does not slow down and/or there are government measures preventing the event from happening (e.g. closed borders), we can make the final decision then. We are already discussing solutions with EDGF, such as organizing the tournament later in 2020 or in summer of 2021.

To sum it up – we want to have the event this year, but we also want to be responsible and make it safe for everyone. The final decision will be made before the end of May.

Stay safe,
EDGC 2020 Organizers

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